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Stone Walls, Walkways, Unilock

We create unique and unified walls which show immense detail of precision and expertise when combined with a great landscape. At Exterior Services, we know the importance of stone type. That is why we deal with an assortment of stone such as: granite, field stone, veneer, natural stone, and inter-locking pavers/retaining systems. With the construction of a new wall, you can bring a whole new look and feel to your backyard. As an entrance or exit from your home, stone creation makes a lasting impression. From the simple front walkway, to an outdoor patio for entertaining friends and family during a special event, stone creates a look and feel of a comforting environment. An outdoor patio could lead into an outdoor kitchen with built in benches and a fire pit. Why not, at Exterior Services we feel you should be able to have what ever your dreams allow you to. The details of inter-locking pavers or natural stone walkways and patios can give a whole new look to your home. Using different types of stone will allow you to expand and generate a certain image that you are comfortable with and a style that suits you and your home.

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